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DeWalt DCD710S2 Review

DeWalt DCD710S2 12v Cordless Drill

The first thing you will notice about DeWalt's 12 volt drill is the foot-style battery. A lot of the manufacturers have moved to the slim-style battery. The only real difference for the cordless drill is that you can easily set a foot-style drill down easily on the battery (with it standing up). This may seem like a trivial point, but that's how most people set down their drills and it's the best way to keep dirt and sawdust out of the motor. In my review of the Milwaukee M12 I showed that you can set the drill down on the battery but it takes some extra time and concentration. You'll have to decide how important this is to you. But I will note the Hitachi DS10DFL has the same battery style as the DeWalt and it's significantly cheaper. However, the DeWalt has a much more extensive 12 Volt Max line and thus more options to use those expensive batteries. Think about which line you want to buy into.

Of course, there's more than just the battery style to judge a drill on. Fortunately DeWalt got all of these other things right too. The DCD710S2 is lightweight at 2.4 pounds and compact at 7.5" long. It has a built-in LED light, a 15 position clutch, 2 speeds, and a variable speed trigger. It comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries and a 3 year warranty. Honestly, all of that stuff is pretty much standard, but that's because most of manufacturers have decided to build the same type drills. DeWalt's 3 year does stand out some as being longer than most.

Given that the options don't vary much between drills in this class you will mostly be deciding between the product line that uses your batteries and the quality of the build. And, of course, price. For the first two factors, DeWalt has a great 12 Volt Max line with plenty of options. ANd the quality of this drill is great. I haven't seen anyone with any serious complaints about it. And this is a popular drill. The last factor then is price, and the DeWalt is a little more expensive than its competitors. You'll have to decide whether the DCD710S2 is worth the price.

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