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Selecting the Best Compact Cordless Drill

For the best compact cordless drill you're looking for precision engineering to fit a great drill in a compact package. Some of the drills in this space are more geared towards being cordless screwdrivers. We've got a separate list for that. This category is for a tool that can deliver performance in a compact package.

There are several drills in this space thanks to newer lithium ion battery technology. But the best two drills come from Makita and Milwaukee. I choose the Milwaukee sub-compact for this category, but Makita has a strong showing with the Makita 10.8V Compact Cordless Drill

Best Compact Cordless Drill

Milwaukee compact cordless driver

The Milwaukee 2401-22 sub compact is a newer drill that packs a lot of power into a small package. This model comes with a 1/4" hex chuck. This saves space on the drill, an important factor for a compact. But it's also the quickest way to change bits. If you pick up a set of quick change drill bits, you'll be able to do your jobs as quickly as possible and be able to get in the tightest spots possible. This drill has an enormous amount of reviews you can read, almost all of them positive. In summary, it's a great drill in a small package.
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