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Best 14.4v Cordless Drill

This category is for the best 14.4v cordless drill. Theoretically this category would be somewhere between 12 and 18 volt categories in size, power and price. But while there are still a few 14.4 volt models around they don't get as much attention as the other two categories and are lagging. Here is what we found:

Bosch 34614

Hitachi DS14DL

DeWalt DC730KA
Torque (in-lbs) 370 460 ?
Weight (lbs) 4.4 4.4 4.3
Avg. Rating at Amazon (# reviews) 4.67 (9) 5 (3) 4.36 (33)
Summary of Reviews 1 out of the 9 said it wasn't as good as his previous drill All 3 liked it. Mostly good; few weren't satisfied with the battery.

If you compare this analysis with the 12 volt category and the 18 volt category and you look at prices you will see there is absolutely no reason to buy an 14.4 volt drill right now. If you want something lighter and smaller than an 18 volt drill, you should get a 12 volt drill. Otherwise you should get an 18 volt drill. The current 18 volt champion is lighter, more powerful, and cheaper than the drill below.

For the 14.4v cordless drill category we think the best is the Bosch 36614-02 14.4 Volt Compact-Tough Drill

This is a decent drill and it's the best 14.4 volt model, but it just does not compare favorably to drills in other categories. I suggest you look at the best 18 volt drill